Hanny Ghazi, Doula, Breastfeeding Counsellor and Zümbini® Instructor

Located in the Southwest of France (Basque Country)

Virtual support available (on Zoom)

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See what some people that worked directly with Hanny have to say about their experience

James Akre (Geneva – Switzerland)

“Since first meeting Hanny in 2014, I have watched with a mixture of admiration and awe as she has transformed her intuitive gift of empathetic awareness into a solid skill set in the service of mothers, children and families. Building on her own real-life observations immersed in so diverse environments as Latin America, the Middle East and Western Europe, Hanny is using her astute awareness of the holistic sociocultural dimension to provide women with the made-to-measure support they crave along their individual birthing and breastfeeding path. I have personally witnessed her prowess as a trained translator; she has artfully converted, into a credible vernacular for Hispanic populations, my prose proclaiming breastfeeding’s significance from a man’s perspective. I am forever in her debt".

Andrea Galarza (Catalogne – Spain)

“Hanny is someone very committed and professional. She puts her heart in everything she does”.

Lorena Guerrero (Toulouse – France)

“I would like to thank Hanny for her extraordinary support, she’s always willing to listen and ready to give the best of herself. Thanks to her amazing advice I was able to breastfeed my two children and my second pregnancy was calm and relaxed. She reminded me that the natural instinct of a mother is always the most rightful and that helped me gain trust and self-confidence. Thank you Hanny from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for us”.

Deisy Quevedo (Barcelona – Spain)

“I remember when I first contacted Hanny after giving birth, I was so sad and disappointed and lonely, we spoke on the phone. And her voice and all the ideas she gave me suddently made me feel hopeful and optimistic again, I felt that without knowing me she cared about me and my well-being and that was an amazing thing. I wish I had met her during my pregnancy and immediately after I gave birth. I am very thankful for what she and her husband Pascal share with the community thanks to their engagement with breastfeeding and attachement parenting in our society. Thank you both and I wish you all the best in your new business adventure as entrepreneurs”.

Laura Berrio (Marseille – France)

“I was so lucky to meet Hanny during my pregnancy, thanks to her support I was able to succeed a beautiful breastfeeding adventure with my daughter, Hanny has been there for us for four years already and she’s always willing to help. I admire her because she is someone extremely professional and she is always learning and sharing in order to help the families that contact her. Thank you so much!”

Kelly Luna (Aubervilliers – France)

“Excellent professional who helped me succeed breastfeeding my three children. She’s got always a smile on her face, she is good at listening and she provides plenty of helpful ideas. Thank you Hanny for your help”.

Salomé Chavez (Paris – France)

“Hanny is a wonderful professional who supported my breastfeeding from pregnancy until weaning. Her advice is always wise and pragmatic since she is highly educated and constantly updating her knowledge. But most of all, Hanny’s empathy and humanity were part of the ingredients to succeed one of the most incredible adventures in my mother’s life. I highly recommend Hanny on breastfeeding guidance. Thanks Hanny for all what you have done for us”.

Paola Huerta (Florida - United States)

"Without you, I would not have overcome the fear I had during my pregnancy, nor the frustration of not knowing if my daughter was nursing well, nor the complications such as pain. Being away from my family, friends and country was difficult, and you were like an angel that God put on my way so I could enjoy something I wanted with my whole being: becoming a mother”.